The reality is that not everyone is qualified for the VA pension.  Not everyone for that matter is a veteran.  But the fact remains that many are in need of long term care solutions who both are and are not veterans.  Below is a list of resources (most in Michigan state) that we have found helpful and recommend to you.


Senior Living Solutions/Community Location Services - senior living location services - a great listing service of assisted living, nursing homes, home care services, and more

Parents Changing Places (Greater Detroit Area) - Cindy Morley    248-875-2052

Parents Changing Spaces (Ann Arbor Area) - Jenifer Taylor   734-673-5903

Caring Transitions (Senior Relocation Services)  517-489-3825

Creative Senior Solutions (Milford, MI)     (248) 842-4980

Crossroads Eldercare Planning     (616) 485-3365

Care Finder Pros   (248) 569-7650

Eldercare Senior Placement Professionals   (810) 931-6787    



Adaptive Modification Services

Senior Home Improvement Services (Grab Bars, Remodeling, Ramps, Lifts, Etc.)

Rob Herringshaw



Alzheimer's Association   (800) 272-3900

Military Discharge Record Location (DD-214 Request)

National Personnel Records Center     (866) 272-6272

Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency     (800) 642-4838

Your Local County Clerk's Office     Click here for directory

Other VA Benefits

  • VA Detroit (Health Benefits)     1-800-827-1000
  • VA Milwaukee Pension Center (Status of VA Claims)     1-877-294-6380
  • VA Extended Care Grand Rapids (VA Health Care Benefits)     616-365-7537

Veteran Counseling

  • The Vet Center Saginaw (PTSD, etc.)  989-497-2500  

Veterans and Mesothelioma (Caused by Exposure to Asbestos)

Members of the U.S. Armed Services have not only dedicated their lives to their country, but they are also unfortunately the most common victims of mesothelioma due to their increased risk of exposure to asbestos. A large number of veterans have been subjected to asbestos over the last century, and many have and will eventually succumb to mesothelioma.

If you are a veteran that has recently been diagnosed with mesothelioma, or are a loved one of someone that has, can provide you with all of the necessary information including new treatments, clinical trials, and diagnostic essentials. Fill out the form below to have this packet sent to you overnight.


You can also file for VA benefits to compensate for exposure to asbestos.  For more information, visit Mesothelioma Veterans Center: 

Retirement & Long Term Care Solutions

The one and only good ars logo wo line.png - Medicaid planning, VA planning, Long-Term Care Insurance, Retirement Planning855-756-5700


Michigan Medicare Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP) - assistance with applying for Medicaid and Medicare Questions800-803-7174


Medibid is a third-party website that can help you save significantly on health care procedures through competative bidding.

Low Cost Medical Equipment

Hometown Heroes - free and low cost medical equipment - Jonathan Lemaire     810-538-0282

Vets Access - ramps, chairs, and lifts for veterans - Daniel Corcoran     810-639-2222

Home Care Services

Alternative Elderly Care - Bonnie Kelly -     810-341-4068

Right at Home Midland - Jim Gall     989-486-9557

Hometown Home Health & Hospice -     810-245-3300

Seniors Helping Seniors  (989) 402-1515

Maritime Injury Center


Support resource for injured seamen (mariners, merchant marines, and veterans).  Compensation may be available.


Awareness information on dangerous drugs and medical devices.  FDA recalls.

College-Aged Veteran Advocacy

Mott Community College Veteran Services   (810) 762-5105